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How It Works

The Ashva Yoga program is a weekly, 2-part curriculum created for each client and centered around your individual goals.


Ashva Yoga provides you access to gain the benefits of a weekly private yoga practice and horsemanship lesson in the peace of a quiet barn, surrounded by the warm sun, gentle wind and the power of the most influential teacher among us … the horse. 


All yoga and horse supplies will be provided for you.  However, appropriate clothing is required for equine-assisted activities (see below).  


Clothing Requirements:  

  • All riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved equestrian helmet for all mounted activities. 

  • Long pants or appropriate clothes for your class or weather.  Pants or shorts of “slick” material are not acceptable as they cause the rider to shift/slip throughout the lesson.  

  • Closed-toed shoes or boots.  Riding boots or sturdy hard-soled shoes with a ¼ inch heels are required to be worn when using tack without safety stirrups.  Alternative footwear may be acceptable under specific circumstances which will be considered on an individual basis.   


Weight Guidelines:   

Please be aware that most program horses have a rider weight limit of 225 pounds.  Generally, the client plus tack should not exceed 20% of the horse’s weight, however, some horses have further limitations.  For the safety of the client, horses, volunteers and staff, clients may not be allowed to participate in mounted activities if their weight exceeds these limitations.  


1.  Email for an online application.  

2.  Complete an in-person Ashva Yoga Evaluation prior to admittance to the program.  


the first of it's kind for New Mexico and beyond


a full practice of yoga personalized to you


a lesson in the arena,

(mounted or unmounted)

tailored to you


apply principles from the mat and the arena to your life

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