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About Ashva

Ashva Yoga provides clients the tools they need to cope with the stresses of life as well as find appreciation and enjoyment in the “now” of each moment through increased self-awareness, self-study, and acceptance and celebration of all that makes us unique.


Benefits of Ashva

Over the course of each curriculum, 100% of Ashva Yoga clients rate themselves as having:

  • more positive emotions

  • improved outlook on life

  • increased ability to relax throughout the day

Clients also have shown improvements in:

  • balance

  • core strength

  • motivation for additional physical activities outside of sessions 

  • increased focus

  • decreased racing thoughts

  • finding the strength to accept, forgive and find a way forward 

Benefits of Ashva

Mission: to empower individuals through the practice of yoga and partnership with the horse.

My Story


After 10 years of teaching Therapeutic Riding, PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Calle Poindexter decided to combine her two passions and completed her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training through YogaZo in Albuquerque, NM. While promoting independence through Therapeutic Riding and empowerment through Yoga, her program curriculum, Ashva Yoga (“Ashva” meaning “horse” in Sanskrit), is focused on the client as an individual, their ability levels and personal goals both on and off the mat. Using the foundational principles of yoga in combination with equine-assisted activities, Ashva Yoga helps to calm and strengthen the mind, body, and soul. Each individually tailored lesson begins with a yoga practice and transitions into working with the horse, implementing the yoga principles from the mat, to the arena, and into daily life.

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