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Horses & Yoga

a rad approach to finding your zen


the first of its kind for New Mexico and beyond


a full practice of yoga personalized to you


a lesson in the arena,

(mounted or unmounted)

tailored to you


apply principles from the mat to the arena to your life


This program has allowed me to combine two of my favorite things, making connections I did not even know existed.  The more I develop my practice on the mat in the horse environment, it gives me more confidence in myself and riding.  It is a peaceful practice with the added element of a beautiful horse.

~ Debbie M. 

The Ashva-Yoga Program was a catalyst for me into my journey of self-love and respect.  Her patience, coupled with the joy of teaching allowed me to grow and discover myself in an abundance of safe space.  Thank you for all the knowledge you've passed.

~ Adrian A.

My time in Ashva Yoga has shifted my way of thinking, breathing and sitting in silence.  I felt a connection with Calle's style of yoga and have benefited from breathing and mental clarity.  

I never knew how much I would heal with this program.  

~ Sheila P.

... I had a lot of hate in my heart, I have had a hart time re-adjusting back to civilian life and I am glad I found Ashva Yoga with Instructor Calle Poindexter, as she has been able to provide a judgement free resource to help readjust to civilian life.  The flexibility of the program and her attitude is such an asset to the Veteran Community and I have already talked to other veterans and would

highly recommend her Ashva Yoga program.  


~ D.S.

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